Sleeping Baby Photos: How to Capture the Precious Moments

Nothing beats the beauty of a sleeping baby! Whether you are a new parent or have multiple kids trying to capture the perfect photo of your baby while they sleep is never easy. As parents we know you try and try to send grandma and grandpa that adorable photo of your little one as they nap. Who isn’t a sucker for those adorable baby photos? But sometimes capturing the perfect photo just never seems to happen. Below Tapshare gives you a few tips and tricks to try the next time you put your little one down for a nap.

Set up the sleeping area

Whether your baby is in a bed or a crib you want to make the room picture perfect prior to laying them down for their nap. Depending on how creative you want to get you can place different items on the bedding before they lay down. Maybe you want their favorite book in the photo or a specific blanket, all you have to do is make sure it’s in the bed prior to nap time. This makes it easier to do beforehand to avoid potentially disturbing your baby during their nap. However, it’s important to remember to remove any potentially harmful items after you are done taking the photos.

Wait until they are asleep

When taking baby photos during nap time you want to be sure you don’t disturb the baby with a clicking camera. Wait until they are well asleep before you begin snapping . To avoid any noise from your camera play some soft music that your baby enjoys while they sleep to prevent the shutter from waking them up. When you are taking the photos don’t be afraid to move in closer and work different angles. Don’t only shoot from above, but shoot from the sides as well, and get a few close ups. We’re certain your parents and other family members will swoon over the close up photo of those long eyelashes as your baby sleeps.

Use natural light

You want to use the natural light you have in the room as often as possible for photos. Using natural lighting can help to create an even dreamier affect on the photos you snap of your sleeping baby. With a little bit of sunlight streaming through the windows you shouldn’t need to add any unnatural lighting to the room, but if you do make sure it isn’t harsh enough to wake up the baby. With a little bit of lighting you should be able to capture the details of their face and hands while they sleep.

How tapshare can help

While these tips and tricks may seem simple, the slightest difference in set up and lighting can change everything! By making sure you have everything set before you put your baby down for a nap you avoid any opportunity to disturb the baby making noise around them. By capturing photos as they sleep throughout different stages of their early life you are able to create an album just around sleeping to share with your family and friends as they watch your little one grow up digitally. Using an app like Tapshare can allow you to share private albums with only the people you invite, meaning not everyone will be able to view the precious baby photos you take, only the ones you allow such as your partner and parents. With Tapshare privacy is the most important when it comes to photos, and especially your baby’s photos.

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