Best Online Photo Storage: Why You Need Tapshare

Are you constantly running out of space on your phone and computer to store all of your photos and videos? We understand the frustration you have! Searching for the best online photo storage can be difficult and confusing with so many different options on the market. While online photo storage can be extremely beneficial to you it takes time and research to know which is the best one for you and your needs. 

Often times online photo storage is used as a backup in case something happens to your phone or computer. By storing your photos and videos online you can have the security of knowing that there is a second version of your memories. Storing your photos in a secondary place secures that no matter what happens to your phone, computer, or camera everything is safe!

Different online photo storage sites include: 

  • Dropbox
  • Google Photos
  • iCloud
  • Amazon Prime Photos 
  • Microsoft OneDrive

While these are all good options let us tell you why Tapshare is the best online photo storage for you! 

Why Tapshare

Tapshare isn’t just an online photo storage it’s a family/friendly online network that allows you to post photos and videos of your life in complete security. We have taken social media and photo storage to a new level! The name Tapshare contains the word ‘taps’ referring to pictures, videos, and webclippings so that ‘taps’ from the people you follow will appear under your Home button on the website or app.

Tapshare was created by a group of fathers who wanted to ensure that their family photos were safe and secure. Who ever really knows who is viewing their photos on Facebook or Instagram? While you may have a private account you want to be sure of the safety of sharing photos of your trips in Vegas with the girls or the guys, photos from family vacation, and photos of your 2 year old son holding his new baby sister.

Our platform allows you to share photos with followers or create private albums that can only be accessed by those you give permission to – such as grandma and grandpa. However, Tapshare isn’t just a secure social media platform, but also an online photo storage site. We give you the ability to know that your photos and videos are secure. Each level of pricing and storage plans is different depending on your wants and needs.

Our Pricing

1GB = free 

25GB = 3.99/month

100GB = 5.99/month

500GB = 9.99/month

While the pricing may not seem too appealing to everyone, remember that we provide complete security. We have ensured that our cloud storage is safe and easy to use for your protection.

Why You Need Tapshare

Tapshare is the best online photo storage and the best way to share photos and videos with friends and family. Using Tapshare is a great way to give your family members the ability to privately enjoy photo albums of your children as they grow up. By inviting family and friends to join Tapshare they can view these private albums. We also give you the ability to help people you invite set up their account. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to get used to using a new website or app, so our site allows you to securely take over their account for a few minutes to help them set up.

When choosing Tapshare as your online photo storage we want you to know that photos and videos stay strictly yours and will never be used. If you are interested in the best online photo storage sign up for Tapshare today! Store up to 500GB and know that your photos are safe with us. We can almost guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our platform and our security. 

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