Tapshare: The Best Way to Share Photos with Family and Friends

One of the best ways to share photos with family and friends is through a safe a secure platform. In today’s day and age everyone is eager to share photos of little Jimmy taking his first steps, running around the playground, and holding his little sister for the first time. However, often times people share photos and videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram without thinking about who really sees these photos. 

At Tapshare we want people to understand the importance of privacy, especially in today’s digital world. Sadly, most people don’t know who sees what photo they post on social media even if they have a private profile. Tapshare has been created to give you sound of mind when posting photos of your children, that girls trip you took to Vegas, and those old photos of your grandparents you found in the attic.

What is Tapshare

Tapshare was created by a group of fathers to help protect the photos and videos shared of our children. We wanted to be sure that our photos were secure and shared with only those who we wanted to view them. We also wanted to be sure the photos of our children couldn’t be downloaded by anyone. We created Tapshare for people to share their private photos in albums and choose who they wish to share that photo with. Tapshare believes that photos should be shared with those you want to see! 

What We Strive For 

Does anyone remember the times of when we used to have to call house phones hoping our friends were home? Or when we had to send postcards and photos through the mail? Today sharing photos is easy, and people can see where you are simply from your photos posted on social media. Tapshare was created to be a family/friendly social network. We strive to fill the gap between Facebook and other social media platforms. When posting on Facebook and Instagram – although you may be private – there are people viewing your photos and videos that you may wish don’t see every moment of your private life.

Tapshare strives to give you security and privacy. We aren’t just a social media platform for you to post photos for everyone to see. We allow you to keep private albums and public albums depending on your preference. Tapshare is also a service that allows secure data storage for all your photos and videos. If photos and videos begin to take up too much space on your phone or computer uploading them to our secure cloud can be a great option for you!

Why You Should Use Tapshare

Tapshare is the best way to share photos with family and friends! We ensure safety and security in our app and online platform. With Tapshare you have the option to create public albums along with your private albums. While these private albums can only be viewed with those who you grant access, your public albums can be viewed by anyone who follows your Tapshare page.

Using Tapshare for photo albums is one of the best ways to share photos. Invite your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, anyone you wish to view your albums. Tapshare also allows you to help set up and account for those that aren’t the best at working a computer. We like to make it simple for everyone involved! 

When using Tapshare whomever you give access to on your albums can comment on the photos about how fun your trip to Vegas looks, how big little Jimmy is getting, and how precious your new daughter is. However, one of the best features of Tapshare is that no one can accidentally download your photo and share it elsewhere. You can invite friends and family to follow your profile page, as well as follow other pages that pique your interest. On the Tapshare platform you have the ability to make your profile private or public – all of which allow you private albums.

If you are interested in keeping your photos and videos private to you and your loved ones sign up for Tapshare today! We can almost guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our platform and our security. 

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