Family Photos: How to Capture the Best Moments

Capturing family photos with young children or even teenagers can be difficult. We know the struggle of trying to gather all the kids together and getting at least one nice photo, let alone those organic photos you want to capture for your memory. Tapshare wants to help you capture those amazing family photos you want to share with family and friends. Below we list a few ideas that help you to take photos of the precious moments you want to remember.

Jump right in

As a parent the best thing you can do to take great photos is to jump right into the fun with your kids. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with them, such as if you want to capture the moments your kids are jumping in rain puddles having the time of their lives jump right in! Another trick to getting great photos of your kids is staying at the same level allowing you to take photos from eye level and not from a birds eye view. These can be some of the best photos you are able to capture as your children grow, especially since most of these will very be organic. When you are taking photos from the same level as your kids don’t just be a photographer, again, jump right in to whatever game they are playing! Being at the same level as your children and participating in play time will allow them be much more natural around you in what they do.

Capture the details

When taking photos of your kids you don’t want to just take broad pictures, capturing the little details can create some of the best pictures. Take a close up of your children holding hands, a close up of their eyelashes, photos of them wearing their favorite clothes – these detailed photos will create memories that will add up over time. You can even create a photo album digitally with Tapshare that can be just the small detailed photos you’ve captured throughout your child’s lifetime.

Keep it simple

One of the best ways to capture photos of your children is by keeping everything simple. We know that children’s parties and events can create some chaos throughout the day, the occasional break down from one child, another child hyped up on candy, and whatever else may come your way during children’s events, but by keeping things simple you can capture some of the most amazing photos. Using simple board games at parties and capturing pictures of the children all playing together, or even getting some fun adult and kids games together can create beautiful images to share with your family.

Turn off the flash

Keeping your flash off while taking photos will give your children the chance to be much more organic in their movements, allowing you to capture more organic photos of your family. Although most cameras and cell phone cameras will have automatic adjusters for the flash, double check before you take a photo of your little one blowing out their birthday candles. When trying to capture the moment someone blows out their birthday candles you want to avoid lighting up the room too much with a flash. Another moment to avoid flash is when taking photos of your children sleeping. We all love those sleeping baby photos, but using a flash may disturb your little ones sleep. We promise that taking notice of your flash on or off will make everyone that much happier when there is a clear photo and no crying children!

Taking photos of your kids as they grow up can be one of the best ways to remember the little things! When you decide to take a family photo or photos of your kids remember to store them using the Tapshare app. This is one of the most secure family photo sharing apps for you and your family to safely share photos of your little ones. We hope our few tips help you to capture the best moments of your family.

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