Photo Basics – How to Take Better Pictures!

Welcome back to another entry here on the Tapshare blog! We talk a lot about the wonders of privacy and security in our platform, the total control over who you share your photos with, and it’s important! But you know what else is important? Taking great photos! After all, if your photos aren’t any good, they won’t be worth sharing! Think your photo game could use some help? Well then look on dear reader! This blog is all about the basics of photography, helping you learn how to take better pictures!

How to Take Better Pictures – Learn The Basics

Point and click, that’s the most basic right? Well, yes, but you already know there’s more to getting a good shot than just pointing your phone’s camera at something. Here are the not-so-basic tips and tricks to get the best photos.

Natural Light is Right

Lighting is without a doubt one of the most important pieces in a great photo.We’ve all seen photos when the flash goes off, surprising your subject and also washing out the color you were hoping to capture, or if you’re at a distance it won’t do much good. That’s why using natural light whenever you can will give you the best results!

To leverage light, position your dog, kids, or cat (who are we kidding, they won’t sit still for a photoshoot!) in such a way as to illuminate them from the front. If the light behind them is too bright, it can create a dark silhouette over their face/features. 

If you’re taking pictures at night, you can use artificial light no problem. Make sure your subjects are close to the light and of course, that the light is in front of them. A flash can also help, but there’s no guarantee it will give you the best results. If you have the time, take a photo with and without the flash and compare. 

Focus on Settings

Specifically your focus settings! With the iPhone, photographers have a few options to play around with when it comes to getting their focus just right. The cameras built in to our phones are incredibly powerful and their autofocusing does wonders. They still make mistakes sometimes! To be sure your photo is focusing on the exact thing you like, tap your subject on your screen! This simple touch tells your camera what your real focus is!

iPhones also have the ability to auto focus on faces in the photos which can make all of this even easier!  Of course, if it recognizes a ‘face’ where there isn’t (say, on a graphic tee or painting in the background) you might end up with blurry features on your real focus. Take a look at your iPhone and verify where the little yellow box is – that tells you where the focus is!

Remember the Rule of Thirds

The Grid of an iPhone X

Photographers know this old trick, and it still applies to taking photos on your iPhone!

The rule of thirds, to put it briefly, says that any visual design, photo, painting, etc, should be imagined as a 3×3 grid. Now, with that grid imagined, you should try your best to put the most interesting parts of the image (faces, a horizon, etc) at these intersections of these. 

It’s a simple way to make something look… right. Doing this will give your image a more pleasant look, even if people can’t explain why!

Imagination not your strong suit? Well luckily for you, iOS has you covered! Head to Settings → Camera and toggle On ‘Grid.’ This will overlay your photo with the 3×3 grid to structure your photo perfectly!

Picture didn’t come out just the way you wanted it? Well with the iPhone Photos app there are a whole world of editing options you can play around with, and you don’t need a computer, fancy programs, and a bunch of know how. Fidget with the sliders, the lightning, different filters, and you can get your picture just the way you like before sharing! 

Hopefully this will help you figure out how to take better pictures to share with your friends and family!

These are just three tips to take better photos. There’s a whole world of photography knowledge out there, far more than we can tackle in a single blog, but we’ll certainly come back to it and give you the tips necessary to take the best photos yet. 

How tapshare can help

When it comes to sharing them, maintain your privacy and keep your photos securely using Tapshare, the Private Social Network! Tapshare acts as your digital vault for photos and videos. Upload them from your phone, freeing up space in the process, and decide who can access them. Your chosen friends and family will get notified of the new shot. Use the robust categories options to display your photos of hobbies and interests with the people who will enjoy it the most.

For now, practice your photos and sign up with tapshare or download on the App store/Google Play stores. We’ll see you here next time on the blog!

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