5 Photo Sharing Apps Like Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks over the years. People share practically any photos or videos of themselves, their family, or their friends. But do people really consider the safety of photo sharing apps like Instagram, especially photo sharing of young children? In this article we discuss 5 different photo sharing apps like Instagram, what they do, and how they may work for you! 

1.  Flickr

An app very similar to Instagram, but with just photos Flickr is a great social media platform for photographers to share their photos. Although videos and stories aren’t able to be posted on this app there are phenomenal photos that are shared to the public, but profiles can be kept private if preferred. Flickr also allows full resolution photos to be uploaded to your profile. Owned by Yahoo Flickr has become a popular website and app for people to use to showcase their photography styles, while sometimes allowing others to use their photos free of charge. 

2.  VSCO

Similar to Flickr and Instagram, VSCO gives a minimalistic and hipster vibe for a younger generation. Different from Instagram the format of a user’s page can be different sizing of photos. This app is very beneficial for photographers to showcase their art. VSCO is different from Instagram in that there are no likes, no comments, and no messaging on the platform. In the description on the app it states, “Because beautiful imagery trumps social clout, the number of followers, comments, and likes are absent from the platform”.This a platform for artists and people who want to share their photographs with little to no judgement and enjoy others art. 

3.  Facebook

One of the original social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms allow you to share images, videos, stories that expire after 24 hours, and filters. On Facebook similar to Instagram you can add friends to follow you as well. Although these apps are very similar there are differences in the messaging systems and popularity. Keep in mind that Facebook does own both of these platforms, so their similarities are not surprising!

4.  Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing app like Instagram, but also very different. Pinterest allows you to upload photos, talk about the more, and have a variety of different items. This allows people to create “boards” and “pin” items such as food recipes, clothing trends, workouts, and other topics to different boards that have been created. People are able to decide whether they want their boards to be private or public, but it is very different from how Instagram is run. 

5.  Tapshare

One of the safest photo sharing apps like Instagram Tapshare is meant for families and friends to securely share their photos. With Tapshare you are able to select who you share a photo album with, whether it is your parents, your grandparents, or your friends. Everyone can securely see the photos from little John’s first birthday party and enjoy those special moments with you! There is no wrong way to safely organize your photos on Tapshare. Whether you want to keep your memories private, share albums with friends and family, or create a public album for the Tapshare community you have the ability to choose. If you want to share your photography skills publicly, but only allow a select few friends to view your trip to Vegas with the girls you can do so!


No matter the social media platform you choose to use you want to consider the security options each has. If you have children you most likely want to be sure that each photo is securely posted for those who want to see it. On social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook anyone that follows you can see what you post. However, with Tapshare you choose which family members and friends can view what albums. Our platform provides full security for you and never allows anyone to download any photos to their phone or computer. If you are interested in keeping your memories private and sharing them with a select few sign up for Tapshare today!

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