Social Media Safety: Are You Posting Photos of Your Kids?

Everyone loves social media, it’s an easy way to stay in contact with people you don’t see or talk to often, but do you often wonder how safe it is to post photos of your kids? We know that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms for photo sharing, but now it’s time to consider just how much privacy you have while posting your family photos. Social media safety has become a hot topic in recent years among many people, but especially families.

We know how easy it is to take photos at family events, friends birthday parties, and other gatherings and then quickly upload them to social media for all family and friends to see, but just how safe is it? It’s time to evaluate the safety of these social media apps compared to photo sharing apps that are created with safety and privacy in mind for families. 

Over the past few years, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have had slip-ups and data breaches. This means that social media platforms may not be as safe as we thought for children and family photos. Whether it be selling data or hackins for collecting data you want to be as cautious as possible.

Think of your child’s privacy on social media, when posting content on public pages for any of your followers to see this means that your children don’t have a say in their own privacy. While posting photos of your children is a great way to allow family and friends that live in different states or on different continents see your children it should be done on a safe and family friendly app. At Tapshare we understand the importance of documenting your child’s life, especially how easy it is digitally, but we want to be sure you are documenting in safe environments.


Media accounts have been created throughout time whether it be a scrapbook, a grandparent’s old photos of traveling around, or even a diary of a historical figure. However, today media accounts are digitally accessed and much more accessible to the entire world than ever before. Tapshare was created by three fathers, all who saw a reason for Tapshare to be created. The safety and privacy of social media platforms was not to their standard. These fathers wanted to keep their children’s photos and their family photos private and strictly accessible to those they invited.

Family photo albums that are privately shared on Tapshare only become visible and available when you choose who to share the photos with. But social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram hold albums and photos that are free for anyone to see that has access to your account profile. The concern with social media safety is not the parents posting the content, but more so what can be done with that content in the future from larger social media corporations. 

Tapshare strives to fill the gap between other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Tapshare strives to give you privacy and security for you and your family. We have created a platform that allows you to share photos and create private albums that can only be accessed by those you give permission to – such as grandparents and partners. However, Tapshare isn’t just a secure social media platform, but also an online photo storage site. We give you the ability to know that your photos and videos are secure.

Tapshare allows you to feel safe and secure in your photo sharing and storage. Any photos or videos that are posted on the Tapshare platform stay strictly yours and will never be used in any data collection or sharing. Sign up for Tapshare today knowing that your family photos will secure and only viewable to those you give permission.

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