Tapshare Reviews: See Why You Need Tapshare

Tapshare is becoming known as a premier site and app for all your photo storage needs! Whether you have children of your own, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any young family member you are probably running out of room on your phone and computer to store all of your photos. No one wants to go through and delete photos of their loved ones – you want to cherish those moments – but you want to cherish them in a safe space.

TapShare was created by three fathers who all wanted a safe and secure way to share and store photos of their children and family events. The Tapshare app is an app that allows you to safely upload and store all photos and videos into the protective cloud storage. The app also allows you to create private albums that can only be accessed by those you share it with.

Below we list out a few of our top reviews that we have received about Tapshare. See what our users have to say about Tapshare and why they love it!


“I’ve been using Tapshare for the past few months and absolutely love it! It was so easy for me to show my parents how to use the app and now they can see photos and videos of their grandkids whenever. Because we live in different states this gives my parents and in-laws the chance to watch their grandkids grow up. My husband also travels a lot for work and using Tapshare has been a god-send. I’ve created an album just for my husband so he can see what we are doing every day without a 100 photos coming through as a text message. Without Tapshare my husband wouldn’t be able to see his kids every day through photos and videos, and the grandparents wouldn’t be able to see their grandkids grow up from 5 states away.”


“Thank you Tapshare! With this app I’m able to create a digital album of my kids. Not only is this a great tool for me and my family, but it will be awesome to show them these albums as they get older. The app makes it so easy to share the photos, but I love that it’s only accessible by those with access. I have full control who can see my kids. This app was definitely made with parents in mind!”


“Tapshare is great! I highly recommend this app for anyone with children at any age. Our oldest just started her senior year of college in 2018 and has been sharing photos with us through Tapshare. Her first trip to Atlantic City for spring break was great to see the album she created and shared with multiple family members so we could all see the fun time she had and know that she was being safe.”


“My wife found this app as a way to share photos of our newborn daughter and it’s been the best thing we’ve found so far! We have so much storage for photos and videos and we are able to share whatever we want securely with our family and friends. Not everyone has had the chance to meet the new baby, so this has been a great way to get everyone to see her.”

We hope that these reviews helped you get a better understanding how much parents enjoy using Tapshare to be able to share photos and videos with their loved ones. Even your kids can enjoy using Tapshare once they leave the house and want you to see all the fun adventures they’ve been on.

When choosing Tapshare as your online photo storage we want you to know that photos and videos stay strictly yours and will never be used. If you are interested in keeping your photos and videos private to you and your loved ones sign up for Tapshare today! Store up to 500GB and know that your photos are safe with us. We can almost guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our platform and our security.

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